Candy, Age: 43

“I am a bit old for my job, and my clients make remarks about it quite often. Tony helped me out with that one!”

I have been doing this same job for so many years I cannot even remember. I ain’t no spring chicken, and my clients make remarks about my age quite often. It’s a tough world. There are so many younger and more energetic new faces in the business all the time, so it’s not as easy to make a living as it was when I was 20. And there aren’t so many jobs out there for an unexperienced middle-aged lady. I also have two kids to feed now so I cannot just quit.

It’s not my favorite job but I am pretty good at it. But my clients just don’t see that because I am so old. Tony used to help me with some self-esteem issues when I was a kid, so I was so happy to hear he’s back to help us adults too. Thanks to Tony I have doubled my income in the past weeks.

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